Electronic Bio Metric Fingerprint Reader

Sick of looking for your house keys… look no further!! 


Allstar Locksmiths provide a range of Bio-metric locking mechanism’s that do not require a key…they require your finger!  


Guess what?

Key circulation is one of the biggest causes for break and enter (with no force).  Think back to that house you rented and had multiple keys cut in case you lost them that should give you a good indication your house is not necessarily secure.  You can programme numerous finger prints into this system and remove them when necessary. 


The best thing about technology is it has allowed us to control more and more from our phones or tablets by use of an application. 


The Bio-metric locking system allows you to control the unlocking mechanism from your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world with a Wi-fi network.  


You can also add an exit button or sensor feature to the inside of your home or business for ease of exit.  If you happen to lose power the system has a backup battery.